My Self - Tribute to Nazareth The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band In The World

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Hello Nazareth Fans

My name is Laird Ernst Olivarius, but my friends just call me
BEERMAN. I'm born 30.04.66 Darrel Anthony Sweet died on my
birthday, so I dedicate this website to him. I'm from Norway. The
place I come from is in the middle of Norway, It's called HELL. The
nearest town is Stjørdal. Listening to music is one of my hobbies,
and I listen a lot to Nazareth of course. I'm also president of a local
beer club. I like to travel around and look in pubs in Norway and
other countries. Collecting beer bottles and coaster is something I also
do. One room in my house is full of beer bottles and coasters. I have
been a fan of Nazareth since 1977. From that year Nazareth and
their music have a very special place in my heart. After I became a
Nazareth fan I've been on approx 100 concerts with them in Norway, Scotland,
Check Repulic, Brasil and Austria.
My favorite album of Nazareth is THE FOOL CIRCLE, and my
favorite song is THIS FLIGHT TONIGHT. I have around 300 different CD's
of Nazareth in my collection, and a lot of diffrent bootlegs, but sadly it's to much work to get the hole 

collection on this webpage,so you probably understand that I am a 

big fan. My biggest dream was to meet the Boys. Now the dream
has come through and they even visited my home in 2004. Nazareth also held
a concert in Hell, my hometown. It was a concert that was
breathtaking for an old Nazareth-fan and that made my tears float. I
spent 24 hours with the Boys; it was some intense hours - I also got
to party with the Boys. One thing that's nice after such an event is
that I've received a lot of praise for the work I did for the Boys while
they were here. Nazareth was indeed LOUD'N'PROUD LIVE IN .
HELL. In 2005 I was the tour manager for the boy's on
their tour here in Norway and now I am the agent/promotor as well.
I have seen Nazareth in diffrent countrys like, Tsjekkia, Austria, Scotland, Brasil and Finland.
So what more can I hope for,maybe to join them on a tour in foreign
countries (like Canada ) Well.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers All Nazareth Fans
Naz Rocks, Beerman

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