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Here it will be some short stories about Nazareth and the Boys in the band.
Or do you have a history to share about Nazareth, that I can use ? Send me a e-mail
Billy Rankin, says
 "I also said no when David Coverdale asked me to join Whitesnake, because I thought they'd get nowhere, and I was invited to become a member of the Scorpions but they changed their mind because they couldn't understand my accent.
Stephanie Nemeth, says
Back in 2012, we were backstage with the boys in Regina. The Canadian bottled beer was not twist off caps & they never had an opener. Our buddy promptly took off his sandal (which had a bottle opener embedded in the sole). After opening a bunch of bottles with his sandal, Dan... poker faced, looked at him & said “ you’re either the most genius person in the world, or a fucking alcoholic!” 
Carl Månsson, says:
A special occasion occured in Finland at the Midsummer tour 1984. In the middle of the concert Manny all of the sudden had an upset stomach. Desperate to find the toilet, Pete, Darrell and Dan kicked of with a Scottish folksong with Dan playing the bagpipe. Manny ran down banging on the toilet door. - Emergency!!!but it was occupied. Inside sat our roadmanager reading a Comic. Jump out with his pants down. 15 minutes later Manny was back on stage
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